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Hermine d’Hérens

What a statement piece! An image of a special cow breed (Vache d’Hérens) from the Valais in Switzerland is adorning this vintage side board. I decided to give it an industrial outfit, specific colors for the look, lots of different textures, raised stencil on two front drawers and on both sides as well as drawer pulls to suit the style. Two of which were rusted with a special technique. The top was created with different techniques to achieve the result you can see. This side board is not made of solid wood. It’s in good condition but due to its age some wear and tear are to be expected.

Width 106cm; Depth 45cm; Height 78cm



A true statement and unique creation for any interior. Presenting Fajra, beautiful and mysterious. The image was applied on this vintage relooked side chest with 2 drawers. And with a lot of blending faded into the piece to be one with it. Textures, greens, reds and oranges, blue shades and white hues helped achieve the result. 

Width 69cm; Depth 37.5cm; Height 70cm

CHF 510

Harper Black&White

Stunning comes this spacious vintage wooden 5 drawer chest which would look perfect in a modern or country interior. Dressed in black and white and additional designs applied to the front. Age and used effect was created in various areas, also around the hardware. The top got a special textured touch to add to the overall desired look 

Width 105cm; Depth 50cm; Height 82cm

CHF 680


This cute vintage chest of drawers got a colorful weathered dress reminding me of a bohemian gypsy. Hence her name. Layers of colors and textures, a beautiful woodubend mould, stamps to add to the look and stencil added to the side of the drawers. 

Width 85cm; Depth 44cm; Height 70cm

CHF 550


In vibrant colors with a little Pop art and Retro vibe comes this absolutely original, unique statement piece. Image (blended to become one with the piece) and stenciling were added to create a canvas impression. The sides got a more subtle dress up so not to take away from the stunning front of this piece 

It is of wood and very heavy & sturdy make (Brand: Ethan Allen a renowned US furniture retailer known for their high-quality, high-end pieces). It offers lots of space with its 7 drawers.

Width 87cm; Depth 51cm; Height 131cm

CHF 899


Many possibilities for this sweet cabinet on vintage coasters with two doors and one shelve on the inside. It can be used anywhere in your home as a statement piece. Think entry, living room, bedroom for your storage or even as a drinks cabinet. 

Hand painted in high quality chalk mineral paint in an old world look and finish with lots of different layers to achieve said style. Magnolia flower transfer on the front doors have been applied in a way to melt into the piece, be one with it. Inside of the cupboard has also been painted. Coasters work but can sometimes be a little harder to roll depending on the flooring as they are made of hard rubber and due to their age.

Width 92cm; Depth 43cm; Height 76cm

CHF 450


Who doesn’t want a little sunshine in their life. Bright and colorful just right for the summer to come is the outfit of this vintage chest of drawers. The name Sunniva has Norwegian origins and means “sun gift”, the perfect fit. A lot of texture through various color layering to create a chippy look. Woodubend mouldings for the trims between drawers and another one to create a key hole just so it gets a little sophisticated. And gilding waxes in gold and bronze in various areas add more to this and enhance the the look.

Width 81cm; Depth 49.5cm; Height 71.5cm

CHF 550

French Country Table

Held in soft color tones to create a very feminine yet old world side table or writing desk with texture and romantic grunge look.

Width 85cm; Depth 55cm; Height 74cm

CHF 265

Snow White

New outfit in black and white for this small side cupboard, end table or night stand. 

Raised stenciling for the sides, decoupage of subtle roses for the drawer and the back. A wooden flower moulding applied to the knob and metallics and gilding waxes to create a more elegant look.

Width 40cm; Depth 32.5; Height 58cm

CHF 165

Modern aqua chest

This 3 drawer very sturdy chest has been changed to become a weathered and textured, yet modern look. Painted in black, greys, blues and greens and a script on the front drawers.

Width 71cm; Depth 48cm; Height 73cm

CHF 515

Abstract art

Abstract art on canvas

40cm x 30cm

CHF 85


Leon – a hall or side table. Solid and heavy wood. For its new outfit a beautiful Art Deco design was chosen and added to the top in a decoupage technique and blended in multiple suited colors. The legs were painted in a stone effect texture

Diameter 62cm; Height 75.5cm

CHF 235


A very eclectic and whimsical look for this wooden and hand painted side cupboard . Textures, stripes, raised and standard stenciling, image on the front door, gold and purples as dominant colors. A very special and certainly unique piece.

Width 41cm; Depth 34cm; Height : 76cm 

CHF 265

Lost in time

A « new and bla » pine chest, transformed into a spectacular industrial and rusty style with lots of patina and textures using various techniques to help create the look.

Wouldn’t that piece look fab in an industrial styled home or a stylish, eclectic decorated bar/restaurant, floral shop or or or. So many possibilities. There is a lot of storage space in the 10 drawers.

Width 91cm; Depth 42cm; Height 82cm

CHF 525

Regal Roses

This beautiful piece was a former wardrobe door made of solid wood. My idea was to look at it as a canvas and to create a piece of art on it with various techniques and designs. Out turned this gorgeous piece a little old world, that can now be used either as a decorative and unique piece leaning or hanging against a wall in a living room, in a bed room behind your night stand, in your bathroom to hang your towels or in an entry for your coats and hats or wherever you think it would look beautiful

Width 62cm; Height 161cm

CHF 265

Rosies Garden Bench

A new outfit for this one-seater. 

Have a rest on it for example in a wintergarden, on a sheltered porch or mudroom. You could also use it in a shop to stage your items or for clients to sit. Anywhere you put it, it would look fabulous. 

Textures, decoupage, blending in various dusky and antique pinks and purples as well as greens give it a unique look. 

Height 75cm; Width 93cm; Depth 53cm – seating height 44cm 

CHF 340

Forest Fern Magic

A soft blended and magical look with the various shades of tans, dark black-blues and greens and the image on the front for this 1 door cupboard in solid wood.

The transfer on the front makes me think of a fairy tale. A distressed stencil gives some more interest to the before plain sides. The drawer sides also got a new outfit with decoupage and stamping for a little surprise and the top was worked in a way to match the allover look. Imagine this in a living room or an entry! 

Height 1m; Width 70cm; Depth 40cm

CHF 415 

French Grandeur Miroir

Beautiful big and heavy mirror done up in a stone effect technique with an old world and french look.

Height 97cm; Width 64.5cm

CHF 225


Charming little 3 drawer chest in blues and greys. A different design for each drawer with very special knobs and a beautiful mold.

 Height 57cm; Width 51cm; Depth 34cm

CHF 240 


Soft colors and shades as well as metallics for this 4 drawer wood vintage and hand painted dresser. Color blending in various dusky, old pinks, greens as well as textures and stenciling to create that romantic vibe. Very spacious and truly a statement piece in a home.

 Height 100cm; Width 100cm; Depth 50cm

CHF 580 

Art Deco Bronze Metallic Side Table

Adorable art deco style dressed up side table with some metallic bronze to enhance its beauty. A true statement piece for interiors from classic to modern. 

Height 68cm; Diameter 56cm

CHF 185 

Alphonse Mucha

Vintage 4 drawer dresser in hot summer colors and Art Nouveau image of Alphonse Mucha  on the sides. A lot of layering and texturizing to achieve this look and some bronze on the knobs to make them pop.  A true statement piece and oh so unique for a modern, eclectic home or anywhere you think it would fit.

Height 72cm; Width 92cm; Depth 47cm 

CHF 545

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