“Art feeds my soul” – When I’m creating I’m happy. My canvas is furniture.

Welcome to Heike’s Furniture Art. My name is Heike and I’m the owner & artist.

Originally German from Bavaria I’m married to a Swiss and living in the French part of Switzerland, in Sion with my family. A few years back I discovered a talent and passion for furniture up cycling. And in the very special year 2020 I swapped my busy corporate life for this passion.

I have always been fascinated by color and the possibilities of transforming something with it. Isn’t it just incredible how it can completely change the soul of a whole interior, room or piece of furniture? I would say I see the world through a lens of color.

I spend a lot of time in Malta, a small Mediterranean island, which is very near and dear to my heart. This is where I spent most of my important teenage years and where even after we had left the island I stayed in touch. I also create there. It’s a great inspiration place for me. Imagine a blooming cactus, so beautiful. And then the fruit of it – delicious prickly pears in different color shades; the sea with its different tones from turquoise to dark blue, the hot sun, fish markets….

I love using colors as much as a variety of techniques. A lot of different tools, layers of paint, papers, stamps, stencils, artistic mediums. Anything that inspires me. I never repeat the same designs.

I put my passion and dedication in each piece that I create. I’m constantly driven by my motivation to create something unique for my customers. I want them to look at their furniture each day and say “We are happy to have this in our lives” and feel proud to own it.

I am also proud Content Creator for Dixie Belle Paint Company. Find out more: Dixie Belle. I use their high quality chalk mineral paint and products for my work. And I’m also Brand ambassador for Mint by Michelle Decoupage Paper. Feel free to click here to find out more: MINT

If you’d like to get in touch with me and/or learn more about my approach, please say hi on Facebook or Instagram or send me an email to, I’ll be more than happy to chat with you.


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