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“Heike has the ability to transform the plainest piece of furniture into an object of beauty”. (J.M.)

Getting Artsy

Vintage 50’s 2 doors cupboard; Vintage cupboard; 50’s sideboard, 2 doors round shaped cupboard

Fall in love with this exceptional vintage cupboard from the 50’s re-styled in unique, modern canvas like finish.

  • Vintage 50’s cupboard
  • Light wood
  • Artistic modern finish
  • Dimensions: Height 95cm; Width 127cm; Depth 46cm

If you adore eye-catching vintage pieces, then you can be the proud owner of this beautiful fine art cupboard with Amedeo Modigliani’s women on the front. His portraits were characterized by asymmetrical compositions and elongated figures.

The inside will not disappoint. You’ll discover a spacious interior.

If you ever wanted something different for your interior, get in touch today.

Euros 560

Sun kissed

Side cupboard, Night stand, Vintage bedside table, Colorful side cupboard

Looking for a side table to store your bits and pieces? This whimsical colorful piece is the perfect addition to your interior.

  • Vintage side cupboard
  • Solid wood
  • Fine art colorful finish
  • Dimensions: Height 78.5cm; Width 32cm; Width with legs 36cm; Depth 36cm

Give your interior some color with this one of a kind beautiful piece. Different designs on the sides and front make it stand out wherever it finds its place.

Fall in love with this cute vintage wooden side cupboard. Restyled in vibrant yet soft color tones.

Available to see and purchase at the artisan boutique “Find the Door” in Birgu


Vintage sideboard, colorful sideboard, credence, cabinet, cupboard, console

You’ve been looking for a specific piece to go with your interior and reflect your personality? Look no longer.

  • Vintage
  • Wood
  • Console 2 doors
  • Colorful finish in mainly blues and greens
  • Dimensions: Width 116cm; Depth 46.5cm; Height 81.5cm

This vintage console has been restyled with a colorful outfit to fit into your home decor. Uniquely finished with various artistic finishing touches and techniques make this piece a special one.  

Uplift your interior with this one of kind gem. Get in touch today

Euros 560

Around the clock

Here comes a statement piece – a big and absolutely gorgeous art deco style chest made of solid wood with a marble top. It’s ready to be appreciated again and would certainly look stunning in an entry, living room or big bedroom. And why not in a Boutique Hotel.

Painted in black, vintage drop handles, distressed lightly in areas and decoupage paper for the drawers. Little details like the stamp and the clay clock on the knob give it even more charm. There is a lot of space in the 2 big drawers and at the bottom there is a latch to open up with more space for storage.

Height 107cm; Width 135cm; Depth 50cm

Euros 470

Summer nights

Side table, wooden table, hall table, table hexagonal shape, abstract art on furniture

If you like abstract art then you’ll enjoy this side table. Very special and unique looking side table with its art on the top.

  • Wood
  • Blues and greens
  • Abstract art
  • Hexagonal shape
  • Dimensions: Width & Depth 57cm; Height 73cm

A piece of art on furniture. Not the usual finish you find on a table.

My idea was to create something different and decided on abstract art with textures and lots of different shades of blue and green. Depending on the lighting the shades change. Those colors just make me happy and I would wish they do the same to you.

Get in touch to get this piece of art for your home.

Euros: 210

Little Miss Rose

Cute and special vintage side cupboard in a romantic grunge look with a beautiful flower mold on the drawer.  

Height 80cm; Width 48cm; Depth 37cm

Available to see and purchase at “Find the Door” in Birgu 

Abstract Art – UNITY

Abstract art, colorful abstract, 50x40cm canvas, orange, yellow and blue turquoise art

Imagine a beach, hot summer days and evenings, the seaside, sunsets and joyful moments with friends and family….

  • Colorful art
  • Orange and blues in different shades
  • Abstract art
  • Dimensions: 50cmx40cm

I love spending time with my friends and family. I wanted to create a joyful canvas and the word UNITY to represent exactly those moments we spend together and are there for each other.

Would you like to have this colorful art for your interior? Feel free to get in touch

Euros 145

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