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Inspirationen und Techniken für Ihr Möbel-Make Over

Find English texte below this post Habt ihr schon immer mal nach DEM Handbuch für Möbel-Upcycling gesucht? Die Suche ist definitiv vorbei! Wir haben alle das eine oder andere Stück in unserem Haus, Keller, Dachboden, welches ein Makeover brauchen könnte. Der Trend ist upcycling, nicht wegwerfen. Aber wie? Hier ist die Anleitung dazu. Ein « Muss » für alle Kreativen und alle die gern DIY machen … Read More Inspirationen und Techniken für Ihr Möbel-Make Over

Stencil or not to stencil?

Do you love stenciling as much as I do? I love using stencils for their versatility, be it so called normal stenciling or raised stenciling. I think that sometimes they just make THAT difference on a piece. I own a ton and when I say a ton I mean a ton. I bought myself 2 big art folders with presentation clear sleeves in different … Read More Stencil or not to stencil?

How to create an “Industrial faux old leather armchair”

This piece has been sitting and waiting for me to find some time to transform it. I had known from the beginning that I wanted the  “old leather industrial look”. I could envision an armchair that had been used for many many years in a gentleman’s club where they smoke their cigars whilst meeting and chatting. Our interior is on the industrial side so what better … Read More How to create an “Industrial faux old leather armchair”


I have always loved color. On my hair (yep, it has changed several times throughout the many years), my clothes, in our house and today in my furniture painting.  I remember when we built our house I wanted colorful walls but the painters looked at me with big eyes and said: “we only paint white – color doesn’t look good on walls”… Come again? … Read More Colors

Feature Wall

Doing a feature wall, or a staging wall for photography for example, doesn’t have to be expensive and it’s not too difficult. It really just needs time. I had done a staging wall for my photos this year and here is one I did with Charlotte from Furniture Revivals in Zurich for her workshop wall. She wanted an old world look and yet a … Read More Feature Wall

How to Stage a French Style Piece

I love the old world look and with it comes the French style. So I thought I’d share some thoughts on the staging of such an item. As this look is timeworn with patina it’s best to use items that are themselves timeworn or use items from the flea market that go with the style.  Old books (leather bound or taking off cover). Bundling them for example and keeping … Read More How to Stage a French Style Piece

From Where Do I get Inspiration

People ask me this question a lot. That’s why I thought I would share a few thoughts with you.   Although we all hope inspiration just pops up, it usually isn’t that easy. So when I’m stuck and it does happen more than I would like, where do I get my inspiration from?   I love faded patina so anything with old world look, texture, rustic and patina … Read More From Where Do I get Inspiration